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Correct Development of Real-Time Embedded Systems

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     IAI: Voting and monitoring
     NLR: MARS
     EADS: Ariane-5 flight software
     FTRD: Depannage service
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OMEGA case studies



In order to evaluate the OMEGA project methods and techniques, as well as to provide feedback to their development, four case studies apply these in the industrial context. After specification of the case study UML models the OMEGA tools are being applied to these models in order to investigate applicability, usability, scalability, complementary use, and methodological aspects of the employment of these tools in the industrial embedded real-time software development.


IAI case study




The case study is a flight control mechanism that implements "sensor voting" and "sensors monitoring" operations in a typical flight control system.

NLR case study




The case study involves the Medium Altitude Reconnaissance System (MARS), which counteracts the image quality degradation caused by the forward motion of an aircraft.

EADS case study




The EADS ST case study presents the Flight Software of the European Ariane 5 Launcher and focuses on relevant real time behaviours.

FTR&D case study




The FTR&D application is a telecomm service built on top of embedded platform and service components.

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